SKYFChain – claims to be the first B2R (Business-to-Robots) blockchain that involves payment channels for exchange transaction and airborne cargo drones

The future is coming today, and innovative companies like SKYF are driving it. Unmanned trucking with logistics and operating systems based on blockchain technology is already a reality, which the SKYF team is creating.

The Russian project started in 2018 with a successful ICO. The opportunity to transform the logistics industry attracted a large number of both private and corporate investors. The total volume of SKYF tokens was 1,200,000,000, and the initial offering brought the project $5 million.

Not all investors are willing to wait for the startup to turn a profit, so the company foresees exit scenarios for token holders. SKYF coins are created according to the ERC-20 standard, so they can be freely converted into other cryptocurrencies and withdrawn to the Ethereum wallet. In 2021, SKYFT were included in the GIIS project, through which token holders can exchange tokens for fiat currencies, thus offsetting their investment in ICOs.

Like any high-tech company, SKYF devotes the bulk of its funds to the development, testing and implementation of equipment - namely unmanned drones with a payload capacity of up to 400 kg. Vertical takeoff and landing technology is a real breakthrough in the aviation industry, and, of course, involves a very labor-intensive development process.

As for the SKYFchain network - the company is positioning it as the world's first Business-2-Robots operational platform in the logistics industry. It is an open blockchain platform for managing the logistics network - tracking all processes, making payments, etc.

Thus, the company works in two directions - the development and design of unmanned cargo drones and the connection of other developers of drones and logistics service providers to SKYFchain.

Despite the innovativeness of the direction, the company relies on ready market conditions - delivery of cargo in hard-to-reach areas is in demand in many industries. The high demand has provided the company with pre-orders even at the stage of technology development, and today the tested samples have already been put into production.

The success of the SKYF project is largely the merit of a team comprised of high-level professionals. The management team included representatives of big business and the financial industry. The support of the startup in the early stages by the Skolkovo platform has attracted many talented developers with their own developments in the field of aircraft engineering. Professionalism at all levels, from planning to production, ensures the company's dynamic development and promising future.

SKYF is an excellent example of the implementation of Blockchain technology in the real economy. Project investors are optimistic and see SKYF tokens as a profitable investment.